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There are three things you need if you want a web site:

That's easier said than done. Although it is remarkably inexpensive to do the first two tasks, doing the third takes some time and effort, if you wish to get it right. Let BJK Research assist you in this, using today's best practices. These include: constructing browser-neutral websites that don't require users to have a certain browser; constructing XHTML compliant web sites, using Cascading Style Sheets to separate the content and formatting; avoiding bandwidth-heavy sites that put flashy animation in the way of the important information you want to convey.

At one time, many websites were content to mimic their print look online, almost as if they were holding up a hard copy to the computer screen. (That’s almost literally the case when you use PDFs.) However, a website is a different medium than print; and when you jump to a different medium, you need to change the way you present your information. This is the same reason a sports team will have one set of broadcasters for radio, while a separate set is doing the TV broadcast of the same game. What works well in one medium doesn’t always work in another.

See These Sites

BJK Research LLC has designed and/or maintained these sites

Other clients(not involved in web design work) have included the Global Interdependence Center, Camilli Economics, The Plain Dealer, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and Soul Acrobats.

Audio and Video

There's more to the web than just words and pictures these days. If you are thinking of developing a podcast or online videos, BJK Research can provide the technical help so that you can concentrate on your content without having to worry about the technology.

Current podcast series include the National Association for Business Economics Podcasts and the National Economists Club podcasts. Both podcast series are available through the Apple iTunes store.

Video series include the Soul Acrobats.






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