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Turn My Yahoo! into an RSS Newsreader

Last week, I criticized Yahoo for including paid listings in their new search engines. This week, they get praised for a new feature they have added to My Yahoo!

If you have set up your own My Yahoo page to act as a home page, you already know their is a wealth of material that you can include. Well, that wealth of material took a big leap foward, because now you can add RSS feeds to your pages, to track your favorite blogs or news sources.

Track your favorite blog or news source in My Yahoo

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the My Yahoo page (or tab) where you want to include news feeds. Click the Choose Content button, which should be towards the top of the page, just under the tabs.
  2. Scroll down the content offerings until you find the section for Web & Internet. You should see a selection called RSS Headlines (Beta)
  3. Check the box, and select Finished. You will now have a RSS Headlines section on your page.
  4. To add feeds, click the Edit button next to the RSS Headlines header.

This will bring you to a page where you can enter the URL for a news feed directly (the BugBlog's is
http://www.bjkresearch.com/bugblog/bugblog.xml, btw) or you can search for feeds by name or by subject.

According to the instructions, you are allowed 25 sources per page. Since you can have a maximum of six pages in My Yahoo, you can track lots of newsfeeds.