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Finding Things at the Microsoft Knowledge Base

Microsoft just announced that they will be adopting a new numbering convention for articles in their online Knowledge Base. Right now, a URL that points to a KB article looks like this:


They will be getting rid of the q that comes just before the actual article number (which normally is referred to as the Q number -- so are we going to have to call it "The Number Formerly Known as Q" ?). They are also getting rid of the information that shows what language the article is written in, in this case EN-US denoting US English, with translations to twenty other languages. Their web site will be able to sense this automatically from your browser settings. (Hope this works in Mozilla and Netscape). Some of the other gobbledygook is cleaned up too, so that the new URL will look like this


This is certainly good news for those of us editing both web pages and print pages, who struggle to get long URLs to wrap correctly; it won't matter as much with the shorter ones. Microsoft also says that old URLs will still work, up to January, 2005. That means that the BugBlog, or older databases such as the BugNet database, won't have to redo their links for awhile. The new numbering scheme will go into effect on November 7, 2002.

There will be ways to find the KB articles in other languages, even if your browser settings are English. Microsoft explains how to do this at
http://support.microsoft.com/?pr=kbnumb .


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