The Darth Side

There's some feelings under the mask. At least, that's what you may think when you read The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster, a blog by "Darth Vader" or at least someone with a very nice style.

In a post titled Parenting 101, he says

"Okay, I admit it. I cut off the kid's hand. Everything went downhill after that.
Blast! Blast! Blast! I am such an idiot. "

Or as he recounts what happened when Han Solo was encased in carbonite

"It made a beautiful sculpture. A perfect captured moment of a man in bondage, his heart blackened by hopelessness and pain.
It really spoke to me. Made me feel weird. "

This blog was already noted by Blogcritic Solonor Rasreth in a post about the upcoming movie, but I thought this deserved a post of its own. And when you read it, make sure you read the comments, too. Many of them are almost as good as the blog itself.

One of the links on the blog takes you to the website of Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming, who deserves a tip of the helmet if he's the creator. (Please don't sue him, George!)

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