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Here are a collection of computer tips and reviews - both software and hardware - that may make your daily struggle with the computer easier. There will also be some non-technology reviews added in.

4/1/2012 How Mobile Can You Go?
  A very long break.....
5/13/07 Episode 5: Can a PC Guy Become a Mac Guy? OS X Review
3/18/07 Episode 4: Can a PC Guy Become a Mac Guy? Hardware review
2/28/07 Episode 3: Can a PC Guy Become a Mac Guy?
2/19/07 Episode 2: Can a PC Guy Become a Mac Guy?
2/11/2007 Can a PC Guy Become a Mac Guy?
12/18/2006 Find out about the Soul Acrobats
12/15/2006 Review: Swivel
11/15/2006 Review: Google Analytics
11/6/2006 A First Look at Mozilla Firefox 2.0
5/29/2006 Review of Wikimapia
2/21/2006 DVD Review of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
1/23/2006 Review of XML Demystified
11/22/2005 Review of Neal Stephenson's Baroque Trilogy
9/14/2005 Review of Google Blog Search
6/29/2005 Review of Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
5/15/2005 Review of The Darth Side blog and Open Office Writer by Jean Hollis Weber
4/8/2005 Review of Cargo
3/8/2005 Hardware Review: HP m1170N Media Center Computer
2/26/2005 Firefox 1.0.1
2/8/2005 Patch Tuesday
2/7/2005 Book Review: Real World Web Services
1/10/2005 Review: Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0
11/23 Book Review: PDF Hacks
9/14 Review: Maxtor OneTouch External Hard Drive
8/19 How Much Does it Cost: Web Hosting?
7/14/04 Book Review- Google: The Missing Manual
7/10/04 Behind The Bug: Mozilla Patches a Hole
7/8/04 How to turn off anonymous browsing in ZoneAlarm Pro
7/5/04 Book Review - Jeff Duntemann's Wi-Fi Guide, 2nd Edition
7/3/04 Mozilla 1.7
6/16/04 Problems with the MS04-011 Security Patch
5/12/04 Book Review - Excel Hacks: 100 industrial Strength Tips & Tools
3/5/04 Use My Yahoo as an RSS Newsreader
2/23/04 The New Yahoo Search Engine
2/19/04 Get Free Microsoft Security CD
1/30/04 Mozilla 1.6
1/27/04 How Much Does it Cost: Domain name registration
11/6/03 Definitions in Google
10/17/03 Turning off a Service in Windows 2000/XP (and why you might want to do it)
8/28/03 Tools for Stopping Spam
8/22/03 Flash USB Drives
7/30/03 Mozilla 1.4 spam controls
10/29/02 Finding Things at the Microsoft Knowledge Base
9/20/02 Mozilla crushes pop-up ads
8/20/02 Take Back Windows XP






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