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2007-2016 Hey, where have I been for the past 8 years? Well, I took a corporate job and was too busy to keep BJK Research going. But as of March 2016, I'm back. Lots of other stuff happened, but BJKResearch was pretty quiet.
2/11/2007 Can a PC Guy Become a Mac Guy?
1/29 Windows Vista Special Report
1/15/2007 The latest Soul Acrobats video at YouTube is the trailer for Sky Project II
1/1/2007 Three unpatched zero-day bugs gives Microsoft Word the Bug of the Month award
12/31 We are doing a redesign of the website.
12/18 Find out about the Soul Acrobats
5/2 Microsoft Wins a Special Bug of the Month
4/2 Adobe Wins the Bug of the Month
3/5 Microsoft Wins the Bug of the Month
2/21/06 A DVD Review of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2/8/06 It's a little bit belated, but the Apple Quicktime 7.0.4 Update to fix security holes in graphics files, wins the February Bug of the Month.
1/9/06 The Microsoft WMF Bug wins the January Bug of the Month
10/3 The October Bug of the Month goes to an instance where Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat don't play well together.
9/14 A quick look at the new Google Blog Search
9/1 It will be a long time before phone/email/cell service is restored to the Gulf region. The Coast Guard has a collection of emergency numbers at (yes, it ends in .do) that may help in search and rescue, as well as other numbers that can be used to help look for missing people. Plus, here's the Red Cross, Catholic Charities, and the Salvation Army donations pages
9/1 Apple Wins the September Bug of the Month
8/1 Cisco Wins the Bug of the Month
7/1 RealNetworks Wins the Bug of the Month
6/29 Review of Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein
5/14 Review of The Darth Side, a blog by Darth Vader
4/29 Review of His Holiness, by Carl Bernstein and Marco Polito
4/8/05 Review of Cargo - The Magazine
3/8/05 Review of Hewlett-Packard Media Center computers
2/7/05 Read a review of Real World Web Services
1/31/05 Microsoft wins the Bug of the Month for the second month in a row.
1/8/05 Read a review of Amazonia: Five Years at the Center of the Dot Com Revolution
1/3/05 A new feature, the BugBlog Bug of the Month, debuts with an embarrasing flaw in Windows XP Service Pack 2 taking the inaugural prize.
9/7/04 The BugBlog gets mentioned in the October PC World: " Also cool are BugBlog's RSS feeds, which save me grief by telling me about software glitches and workarounds." The article is "11 Easy Ways to Keep a PC Up-to-Date" by Steve Bass.
8/31 Started reading cyberpunk again -- here's a review
of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash
8/24 Another music review -- Regina Belle's Lazy Afternoon
8/19 Another article that looks at the costs involved in getting on the Web. This one looks at the cost of web hosting.
8/12 Something a little different - a review of Tony Bennett's Cloud 7
7/30 Two book reviews up at Blogcritics: Isaac Newton and Masters of Doom
7/14 A book review of Google: The Missing Manual
7/5 A book review of Jeff Duntemann's WiFi Guide, 2nd Edition
5/12 A book review of Excel Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools
3/18 It appears that the old BugNet site has been shut down. I'll resurrect a few important articles over here in the next few days, starting with the "Take Back XP" series.
2/23 A new computer tip on the new Yahoo search engine. Also, a small update to our New York 9/11 story.
2/18/04 Get a free Microsoft Security CD.
2/11/04 Make sure you install this fix for Windows NT/2000/XP.
2/10/04 You can now search the non-subscription portion of this website, both the BugBlog and non-BugBlog content, using Google search.
1/30/04 This review of Mozilla 1.6 is both here and on Blogcritics.
1/27/04 Find out how much it costs to register your own domain name in the latest Computer Tip.

Two new sites to check out -- if you need someone to conduct either an online or mail-based survey, check out

And if you are looking for an economist in central Ohio - go JW Coons Advisors, LLC

12/10 I review Chessmaster 9000 over on Blogcritics.
12/1 Before you buy entertainment hardware or software gifts, check out the BugBlog's Entertainment Special Report
11/14 Want access to more reports of bugs, incompatibilities and fixes? Subscribe to the BugBlog Plus.Only $5 for a three month subscription, $18 for a year.
11/2 This review of Broadband: Should We Regulate High-Speed Internet Access? on Blogcritics will also be appearing in Business Economics.
9/9 The story of my family's experience at the World Trade Center on 9/11 -- some written in 2001 and some just recently -- is online.
8/22 OK, the switch to ColdFusion has happened. If you are reading this, then you (or your browser) knew to go to whatsnew.cfm instead of whatsnew.html.
8/5 In the next week or two, the website will be changing and using Cold Fusion for some underlying technologies. This means that some file extensions are going to change from .html to .cfm. If you have the BugBlog bookmarked, please make sure to use, instead of using /bugblog/index.html. You will still be able to find your way here after the switch.
8/2 Here's a list of local area bloggers -- many of whom I met at the blog party hosted by Eric and Dawn Olsen.
7/31 I've started contributing over at Blogcritics -- "A sinister cabal of superior bloggers on music, books, film, popular culture, and technology - updated continuously." My first post is here.
7/15 Just started an RSS feed, using RSS 2.0, here.xml
It's still in the experimental stages, but it's been validated successfully. Feel free to make suggestions or point out what I'm doing wrong.
4/15 The Cleveland Plain Dealer's website,, now has a page on local blogs. Given that the BugBlog actually originates from Cleveland, it is listed there.
4/10 The BugBlog has an FAQ.
3/1 Check out the newly redesigned website of the Global Interdependence Center.
2/22 You can now donate via PayPal to help support the BugBlog.
10/1 BJK Research has now become BJK Research LLC, a limited liability corporation registered in the State of Ohio.
9/20 A new feature, Computer Tips, is online.
9/20 BJK Research is now part of the Associates program.
8/28 Welcome to all the visitors who followed the link from Brian Livingston's column in InfoWorld.
8/9 A quick look at browser choices at, and some of the drawbacks of not upgrading.
8/8 Links to a series of short articles that show how to turn off some of the more bothersome features of Windows XP -- called Take Back Windows XP
8/5 Somebody has to keep track of bugs and fixes on a daily basis -- so check out the BugBlog.
7/31 Well, BugNet has crashed and burned again. The first time was with the bankruptcy of Exodus Communications. It may get resurrected again.
7/29 According to Information Week, I'm an IT Economist
6/30 Check out the newly redesigned website of the National Economists Club
4/13 The HR TechKnow web site has an article, including some words of wisdom from me, on high tech spending on security, following 9/11.
4/11/02 The subscription portion of BugNet has the April issue, on wireless networking. The public portion now has the February issue, on PDAs.
3/17/02 The subscription portion of BugNet has the March issue- about tax and financial software- online. That means the January issue, on web browsers, is now on the free site.
3/15/02 I've updated the C Net story about device drivers- to reflect Windows XP. The story is here.
2/20/02 BugNet material two months old gets moved out into the public section of the site. Right now, the December issue, about Windows XP, is up. This is the first issue edited by Bruce Kratofil.
1/15/02 Interviewed on C Net Radio talking about Windows XP Tips and Tricks
12/10 Bruce Kratofil, who is the BJK in BJK Research, has been named Editor of BugNet.
12/2 A roundup review on backup software is up on the C Net site.
10/15 The BJK Research website has moved to a new web hosting company- ICGLink, of Nashville, TN. The reason was to gain the increased stability and reliability of being hosted on Linux servers running the Apache web server, instead of being held hostage to the numerous security failings of Microsoft and their Internet Information Server.
9/28 The latest article on C Net, Windows XP Tips and Tricks is now online.
9/14 Picked the wrong time to be staying at the Marriott World Trade Center. However, everyone made it home safely. You can see a photo and stories of NABE members and their escape here.






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