Troop 155

Troop 155 History

Troop 155 went camping, hiking and canoeing, travelling around in a variety of very old school buses (at least one of which was painted lavendar). On very rare occasions, we may have also participated in activities that were not quite covered by the Boy Scout oath.

These pictures are from Miki Dudevszky - they are before my time, so I'm just using the file names as the picture captions. If anyone can supply more names, please send them in.

pix 1

Camp Feed Humbel

pix 2

Court of Honor

pix 3

Jack the Leader

(Jack Noll sends in word that he thinks the leader here is George Fryburg)

pix 5

Parade One

pix 6

Red and Jim Haas

pix 7

Red at camp

pix 8

The Thinker

pix 9

Tim Grambley Tony Blankensh

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